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16 thoughts on “Seresto Flea and Thick Collar for Pets Review: Is This the Best Flea Collar to Buy?

  • Great articles on the seresto collar. I purchased 2 for my 2 dogs. With 2 dogs this is the cheaper way to go without depriving them of good coverage against fleas and ticks. I’m glad for all the info.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. Fleas & ticks are more than a nuisance — they carry disease, so we want to do the best for our best friends and weighing options can be difficult. We really tried to do our research, but the key is to keep supervising and make sure all goes well for our furry family members. And you’re right! Since these collars last for more than 1/2 a year, they end up being more economical that monthly preventatives!
      So appreciate you taking the time to read this review!

  • Great review! Thank you for doing the research for us. My next flea/tick prevention product will Seresto.

    • Glad you found it informative Niki. Yes, please check with your vet, because depending on the “wildlife” aka parasites in your neck of the woods, it is possible that your veterinarian might recommend something else. What I really prefer about the collar is 1) If something is bothering your precious pooch, you can take it right off whereas if it is a chemical you put on the skin or a pill you fed your dog, you’re stuck, it’s in or on them for the duration. 2) With the pills, fleas & ticks have to bite your pet before they do any good, and for many pets, even without getting disease from those critters, the bite is bad enough.

  • I would so love to try this after reading about it. Ive heard only good reports about it. Thank you for the chance to win

    • You are so welcome Teresa. Just reporting it as we’re seeing it and wanting to give others the benefits of our experience, knowing well, that every pet is a unique individual and they do respond differently. Sounds like Seresto though, has been working for your dog Moose! YAY!

    • You are so welcome Cathy. There really is no one-size-fits-all flea/tick preventative, but my dog has had GRRReat success and no problems (knock on wood!) with Seresto. It’s just so important that you get your vet’s advice, because he or she knows your pet and what pesky parasites are in the area, and that you constantly check and observe for anything unusual 🙂

  • Being a retired Game Warden, I try to take my 2 lab’s out for a walk in the woods just about everyday an a swim. Does the swimming, approx 4-5 times a week,reduce the 8 month period of use. Also, I’ve had the Seresto collar on my 3 yr old Black female lab about 3 weeks now, an she is still itching an biting at her paws. My Vet said that my Lab’s itching an biting is still do to Flea’s, not Allergy’s.

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