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Hi, I’m Andrea and I’m a writer, editor, geek, couch potato, and most importantly, animal lover. I have been proudly owned by my two cats, Sherlock and Smokey, for 2 years, and I am by no means ashamed to admit I am a crazy-cat-lady-to-be. How did my love for animals start, you ask?

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3 thoughts on “Cat Quiz: What Cat Type Do You Have? Funny Cat Quiz Questions

    • I got terminator and honestly it’s not lying except the fact that I couldn’t even walk properly I had to carry him cause all he would do is rub up on my legs or anything even if he had to climb he even once just jumped on my shoulder to rub up on me and other than that reason I think he had separation anxiety I didn’t realize till now when I was forced to give him away he’s like a dog though ‘if I’m in a fight don’t mess with me unless you want hurt’ people overreact it didn’t hurt before I finally got the ‘we’re family now’ relationship fixed we had a love hate relationship 2 years of a cat being overly smothered and me getting scratched and bit

  • I don’t have a cat, but I took this quiz to see what cat I would get in the future. I wanted a black cat, but I got a philosopher cat.

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