On CrazyRichPets, you will find a community of enthusiastic animal lovers, of people who put their adorable companions’ needs first, or, to put it more accurately, who satisfy each and every whim their owners put forward.

CrazyRichPets is a passion project started by people who are pet owners and who love how dedicated… Wait. Scratch that.

The team behind CrazyRichPets is fully aware that they are owned by their pets, not the other way around, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

One day, they thought:

There must be other people out there who feel the same
and if you’re reading this, then you’re probably one of those people. Wink-wink!

So, are you a recent pet owner? Here is where you can find advice on how to care for your new quadruped child. Do you just want to watch cute cat videos and adorkable dog gifs? We’ve got you covered as well! Finally, are you looking for some quality but also snazzy products for your pet, from food to toys, costumes, and hygiene products? You guessed it, we provide plenty of options for that too. Paws-on tested.

Our fundamental goal is to entertain you with hilarious doggo videos, help you shop smart for cutesy Fatto Catto to get that beach body on point, present you with the best summaries of the latest veterinary studies, and overall, to offer the best info and help you perfect your relationship with your crazy, rich pet.

Why come to CrazyRichPets and not any other pet dedicated site out there? ‘Cause we’re dogged researchers. No pun intended. We’ll stop at nothing to give a voice to our owners’ most salient needs and wants. Visit our contact page to learn how to get in touch with us. But before you do that, let us and our pets say a few introductory words.



Andreea Voicu

lead editor

Hi, I’m Andrea and I’m a
writer — editor — geek — couch potato — and most importantly, animal lover.

I have been proudly owned by my two cats, Sherlock and Smokey, for 2 years, and I am by no means ashamed to admit I am a crazy-cat-lady-to-be. How did my love for animals start, you ask? Well, I have pretty much my entire life been a cat person, and I had a few family cats growing up, but none that I considered ​my cats.

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Alina Petcu


I owe my love of animals, felines in particular, to my mother. For as long as I can remember, cats and dogs have played an active role in our household and family. Frankly, I can’t remember a moment in my life that I have spent without the cherished company of a furry friend, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

It was only expected of me to carry this fondness for kitties along with me when I moved out of my parents’ house and into my own. Just one month after settling in, I adopted an adorable 2-week old neonate tabby which I named Mura.

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Denise Fleck


Denise Fleck is an award-winning author, animal care instructor and radio show host.

She was named one of Pet Age Magazine’s “Women of Influence” for 2018, a “Most Inspiring Story” in 2017 by Voyage Atlanta Magazine and has been nominated for 6 Dog Writers Awards to be announced in early 2019. As The Pet Safety Crusader™, a trademark of her company, Sunny-dog Ink, Denise has personally taught close to 20,000 animal lovers life-saving skills and has appeared on Animal Planet’s Groomer Has It and Pit Boss and many more.

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Joey McKinstry


Hi! It’s your friendly neighbourhood pet-sitter, dog trainer, and pet enthusiast. My name is Joey and pets have been a massive part of my life for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of spending whole summers trying to convince a standoffish barn cat we could be friends or volunteering at my local humane society and attempting to convince my parents we definitely needed a third dog.

Since then, I’ve had the incredibly good fortune to be able to work with pets for most of my adult life. I graduated school after finishing my creative writing program, and immediately went to work building my pet business. Now, I own a petsitting business, have worked in the veterinary field, and most recently, I am a fully certified pet dog trainer!

The fact is that I love all things pet related, but my core passions are behaviour and enrichment. As far as I’m concerned, we keep pets because they make us happy. The least we can do is make sure they’re happy alongside us! I have been incredibly lucky to speak with a lot of pet owners about their pets, but I am ready to reach more people! So here I am, ready to help you help your pet be the joyful little weirdo you know and love!

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Telma Garcia


I am a dog lover, foster, and rescuer. I grew up picking up dogs from the streets in El Paso, Texas and finding loving homes for them. When I moved to San Antonio, Texas I was shocked at how bad the stray dog population was here and how dogs were not only homeless, but taken to the shelter and euthanized. I became a dog foster mom and quickly adopted my first three dogs: Brobee, Molly and Panini.

Brobee is a rambunctious Lab Corgi mix who thinks he’s a lap dog and just wants to be loved. He was the last pup of his litter and we just couldn’t say no to his sweet face. Panini, a terrier mix,  was rescued from the euthanasia list and was my first official foster here in San Antonio. Brobee and Panini became inseparable, so he became part of our family pretty quickly. Molly is a chihuahua mix and the queen bee around here. She was rescued from the euthanasia list too and came to us as a foster dog. She fit right into our pack and just never left. We like it that way.

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Meet Our Crazy Rich Pets


Meet SHERLOCK.He has been owning Andreea for two years. He may be unnecessarily pretentious and constantly triggered by the world, but he is a loving, happy, and playful cat.


Meet Smokey.Unlike Sherlock, Smokey is a calm, soft-hearted princess. But don’t be fooled. He still makes it very clear that he is only cute and cuddly when he wants to – as it should be.


Meet Mura.Alina’s owner for a year now, she’s a feisty and spirited tabby with a heart of gold. Hobbies include being annoying at 5 a.m., playing with her own poop, and purring all over the house.

haiku bio photo

Meet HAIKU.Introducing Haiku, a 14-years young Chikita - part Chow Chow part long-coat Akita, or so we think. Haiku is obsessed with dog cookies, and he resides with his mom & dad in Northwest Georgia.


Meet BROBEE.Brobee is a rambunctious 8-year-old Lab Corgi mix that was rescued from the streets of San Antonio, Texas. This baby boy seems to think he is a lap dog and will do anything for head and belly scratches.


Meet PANINI.Panini is an 8-year-old terrier mix and the shyest of the pack. He was rescued from the euthanasia list at the San Antonio city shelter. Panini is the sous chef of the family, spending his time in the kitchen, hoping to catch whatever falls on the floor.


Meet MOLLY.Molly is a 7-year-old Chihuahua mix and the queen bee. This little girl might be small, but bosses all the dogs around, and doesn’t share her food, toys or her bed. Although she likes things the way she likes them, she is super sweet and loves scratchies on her chest.


Meet MOON PIE.Moon Pie is a 3-year-old terrier mix who came to our home as a medical foster. She is very playful and active but enjoys taking naps on the couch on the weekends with her humans.


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