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DENISE FLECK is an award-winning author, animal care instructor and radio show host. She was named one of Pet Age Magazine’s “Women of Influence” for 2018, a “Most Inspiring Story” in 2017 by Voyage Atlanta Magazine and has been nominated for 6 Dog Writers Awards to be announced in early 2019.

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11 thoughts on “Why Do Dogs Sit on Your Feet? Dog Behavior Explained!

    • Thank you so doggone much for visiting the site and reading what we have to share!

  • My dog lays on my feet (is that the same as sitting?). I actually like it because I have a tendency towards cold feet (poor circulation). At night, my cat lays on my feet. Won’t lay anywhere else besides me, has to be at my feet. Maybe our feet smell different:)

    • If only they could tell us for sure (or if we could better understand what they’re saying). Some things will remain the mysteries of life.

  • Fantastic article. I don’t have a dog myself at the moment but when I go to a friend’s house their dog lays on my feet. I figure they are accepting me as part of the pack which is nice to know.

    • I like that thought. Acceptance is a universal need (for the most part), but being accepted by a dog is truly an honor. Thanks for sharing that 🙂

  • Great article! So much rings true! I had a dog who did this, I felt she was my protector and I was hers when she sat on my feet, we had an amazing bond 🙂

    • Love, love, love hearing about the amazing bond we have with our dogs. Thanks for sharing!

  • So glad to find this article!! I have a “granddog” who lives upstairs, he has been very anchous lately, He is part Hungarian Kuvasz and Great Pyaranese, there has been many changes in his life, my patience was running very thin because he cries, whines, whimpers, as kids leave for school and adults leave for work. He had been sitting and leaning on my legs and feet.. Thank you for your article, it helped me to realize he needed assurance, a gentle touch and understanding love! Not sure what else is going on, but I now will watch, listen and be more aware of what he is telling me! Thank you!

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