30 Crazy Rich Pets You’ll End up Envying After Reading This

by Andreea

How would you feel if I told you that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of pets in this world that are way, way richer than you? Whether through inheritance, sponsorships, media appearances, famous parents, merchandising, or some other feat, these crazy rich pets have it all.

If you are likely to envy other people’s fortune, this article might just make you question all of your life choices. I present to you the top 15 richest pets in the world, as well as some other rich pets that are not on this list, and some famous animals of celebrities we all know and love.

Top 15 Richest Pets in the World

Image Source: Instagram

If there’s one pet on this list who deserves their fortune, that is Tara. This wonderful 10-year-old tabby is a hero. She fought off a dog who was attacking her owner’s child, the moment being recorded by household surveillance cameras.
Nowadays, her wealth puts her at number 15 on this list, with $1,850,000, all thanks to internet fame and media appearances.

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14 14. Bubbles, the Chimpanzee

If the name Bubbles rings a bell, that is because this famous chimpanzee was Michael Jackson’s pet. Even if he went from extravagant outfits and private bathrooms to the Centre for Great Apes, he was still left $2,000,000 by MJ, making him the 14th richest pet in the world, and probably the richest chimpanzee to ever live.

The 35-year-old chimpanzee is still alive and well, and what’s more, he even took to painting. In 2017, his paintings sold for as much as $2,000.

13 Choupette, the Birman Cat

Image source: Instagram

Karl Lagerfeld’s one and only, Choupette is definitely a cat to be envied. She has two personal maids, she is a model, and she has $3,500,000 in the bank.

From the way Lagerfeld talks about her, you can tell she is living her best lives – all 9 of them.

Update: On February 19, 2019, German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld passed away. As a result, Choupette is expected to receive a large inheritance, which will probably make her one of the richest cats in the world, if not the absolute richest.

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12 Street Cat Bob

Street Cat Bob needs no introduction, being the star of the A Street Cat Named Bob book and movie. His media fame brought him a fortune of $5,000,000, as well as a pretty cozy lifestyle.

Even if James Bowen, his owner, decided it is time for the middle-aged cat to retire from show business, fans of Street Cat Bob have an animated series to look forward to.

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11 Pontiac, the Golden Retriever

Even if Pontiac has as much money as Street Cat Bob ($5,000,000), he got his by being a trust fund baby. The 12-year-old dog is owned by none other than Betty White.

Apparently, on Christmas Day, they spend the day together being cosy, and that is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

10 Bart the Bear 2 (Little Bart)

If you’ve ever watched Dr. Dolittle 2, An Unfinished Life, Into the Wild, or Game of Thrones (yes, GoT), then you already know Bart the Bear 2. I probably don’t have to tell you how this 18-year-old Alaskan brown bear got his $6,000,000 fortune.

He may not be as rich as Gwendoline Christie or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (the actors he fought against in GoT), but he is the richest bear in the world, and that’s saying something.

9 Boo, the Pomeranian

Image source: Instagram

How can a pomeranian who has $8,000,000’s life get even better, you ask? Well, by being an internet sensation, of course. Boo has more than 16,000,000 likes on Facebook and 541,000 followers on Instagram.

He made his fortune through media appearances, sponsorships, merch, and book sales, and he loved to travel the world and play with his friends.

Unfortunately, Boo passed away on January 19, 2019, but he lived a happy and love-filled life.

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8 Conchita, the Chihuahua

Late Gail Posner’s chihuahua is a fabulous spa loving, gold Cadillac Escalade owning princess who inherited not only an $8,400,000 home, but also a $3,000,000 trust fund.

True, she has to share her riches with 2 other dogs, but that still brings her total wealth to $11,300,000.

7 Blackie, the Black (Shocker!) Cat

Another spoiled pet of a famous late celebrity (this time the architect and antique dealer Ben Rea), Blackie is a gorgeous black cat, as you can imagine, with a fortune of $12,500,000.

Even though Rea had 15 cats, Blackie was the only one alive when he passed, making him the sole beneficiary of the money that was left after his owner made donations to three charities.

6 Tommassino, the Other Black Cat

With a similar story to Blackie, but just a little more money, Tommassino was the pet of late property magnate Maria Assunta. He is also a black cat, but one with $13,000,000 in the bank.

Since in Italy, laws do not allow pets to directly inherit money, the fortune is being administered by Maria’s nurse, Stefania, who says Tommassino doesn’t seem to care that much about money, but he definitely enjoys milk and biscuits.

5 Gigoo, the Chicken

If you weren’t depressed enough thinking a cat is richer than you, how about an actual chicken? Gigoo is not just any chicken though, he is the pet chicken of famous late publisher Miles Blackwell.

Gigoo (a Scots Dumpy Hen) inherited $15,000,000, and we can’t help but wonder what a chicken could possibly do with this kind of money.

4 Sadie, Sunny, Lauren, Layla and Luke, the Winfrey Dogs

The amount of money Oprah Winfrey put into a trust fund for her 5 dogs is enough to make anyone wish they were the star’s pet. The dogs have $30,000,000 with their names on it.

Oprah recently told Ellen she likes to establish herself as a pack leader and take her dogs on walks, so you can tell these 5 adorable pooches are part of her family.

3 Olivia Benson, the Scottish Fold Cat

Image source: Instagram

Taking home the bronze medal with a whopping $97,000,000 fortune is Taylor Swift’s cat, Olivia Benson. This 4-year-old Scottish Fold isn’t just a famous celebrity pet, but she is also the star of commercials for Keds shoes and Diet Coke.

Olivia works hard for that cash, and while she may not have her own social media accounts, you can often spot her on Taylor’s Instagram. You can also spot her on walks through New York City with her mom, which is not something you see everyday.

2 Grumpy Cat (Tardar Sauce), the Cat That Needs No Introduction

Image source: Instagram

Is anyone surprised that Grumpy Cat is rich AF? Not me. She is just 6-years-old, and she already owns $99,500,000, money she has earned by starring in a movie, selling merchandise, doing sponsorships, and generally being everyone’s favorite cat on the internet.

Tardar Sauce (the cat’s real name) is so rich that in 2013, she made more money than Gwyneth Paltrow and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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1 Gunther IV, the German Shepherd

Are you ready to find out more about the richest dog in the world? If you thought Grumpy Cat has a lot of money, wait ‘till you hear how wealthy Gunther IV is.

The German Shepherd has a fortune of $375,000,000. His predecessor, Gunther III inherited $106,000,000 from his late owner, German Countess Karlotta Libenstein, but the money was invested and multiplied.

Before Gunther III passed away, his offspring, Gunther IV was born. Now, he is the one the money belongs to, making him not only the richest dog in the world, but also the richest pet in the world.

Read the full list of the world’s richest pets.

5 Rich Pets Who Didn’t Make the Cut (But Are Still Richer Than You)

Not all wealthy pets have the honor of being called the richest pets in the world, but they still do pretty good for themselves. Because I wanted to show you that even less wealthy pets are still richer than you and me, I’ve searched the internet for 5 examples.
1 Tinker, the Tomcat

This former stray cat has found a loving family when Margaret Layne took him in. After she passed, he inherited about $1,000,000 in real estate and trust fund money.

Tinker is only owner of the house he currently lives in as long as he doesn’t leave it for good, so he is still living there with a single cat mom and her offspring. Isn’t that cute?

2 Red, the Orange Tabby

While this particular catto does not own any money directly, she is still the beneficiary of the $1,300,000 David Harper left behind. How?

Well, he donated his money to the United Church of Canada, but with a stipulation. They would have to care for Red, who was 3-year-old at the time. Now that’s an owner who loves their cat!

3 Samantha, the Cocker Spaniel

Sidney Altman leaving $6,000,000 to his dog, Samantha, was a surprise for many, especially for Altman’s girlfriend, Marie Dana.

Nonetheless, the woman volunteered to become the dog’s legal guardian, even if it wasn’t due to the kindness of her heart. She was going to inherit $2,700,000 of the total sum in return.

4 Tina and Kate, the Collie Mixes

Tina and Kate were the only dogs that outlived their owner, Nora Hardwell, who left them $1,000,000.

While this may not sound like a lot, it is definitely plenty of money for two dogs to live a better life than most people, to be fair

5 Hamilton, the Hipster Cat

Image source: Instagram

Finally, we couldn’t not mention a cat that not only has worked for their money (as opposed to inheriting it), but who also helps other animals.

The Washington Post estimates that Hamilton might be winning up to $15,900 a year, due to his large social media following. Still, after his first Instagram account hit 550,000 followers, his owner, Jay Stowe, decided to give the account away by hosting a contest.

Four charities participated, and the winner was Adopt-a-Pet, who got all of its followers. But don’t worry, as soon as Stowe opened a second account for Hamilton, that one got about 325,000 followers in just a year. The world loves Hamilton’s satirical, hipster personality!

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Bonus: 10 Famous Animals That Are Celebrity Pets

While these animals might not own any money per se (that we know of), they are still prone to that lavish lifestyle by being the pets of celebrities with a huge net worth.
1 Pig, Miley Cyrus’…, Well, Pig
Before you chastise Miley for her lack of creativity when naming her pet pig, you should know he was called Bubba Sue at first, but she changed it to Pig.

Whatever his name is, the piggy is so important for Miley that she actually decided not to go on a Younger Now tour just to stay home and care for her pigs (yes, plural), Pig being one of them.

Miley Cyrus net worth: $160,000,000

2 Leo, Cara Delevingne’s Husky Crossbreed

If you were curious to find out how close Cara Delevingne and her dog are, know that she named him after her star sign.

The actress/model is often seen out and about with her dog, even when she goes to fashion shows. That’s where a crazy rich pet belongs!

Cara Delevingne net worth: $28,000,000

3 Mr. Butler, Olivia Palermo’s Maltese

Mr. Butler is such a cute, tiny dog that I can see the appeal of carrying him around like Olivia Palermo does. But Mr. Butler is not just any regular dog going on regular walks with his owner.

When they go for walks, they do so wearing matching outfits, which is enough to make me go “aww”.

Olivia Palermo net worth: $10,000,000

4 Smoke, Channing Tatum’s Horse

While cats and dogs do make great pets, if you really want your pet to make the front page, you should consider adopting a horse.

Just kidding, that is not why Channing Tatum adopted Smoke, although I’m glad he did. The two look like the bestest of friends already.

Channing Tatum net worth: $60,000,000

5 Cleo, Gigi Hadid’s Cat

Image source: Instagram

With the way Gigi Hadid shows off her new kitty, Cleo, on social media, you can pretty much tell she’s head over heels. In fact, Cleo has her own Instagram as well.

The pair seem to be inseparable ever since they became a part of each other’s lives, and I’m pretty sure Cleo is one lucky, spoiled kitten.

Gigi Hadid net worth: $45,000,000

6 Graham, Ed Sheeran’s Cat

Ed Sheeran seems to have been inspired by his pal Taylor Swift, because he adopted the cutest little baby cat and called him Graham.

Graham has a Twitter account where he shares hilarious tidbits of his life as a famous cat, and he is clearly the master in the Sheeran household.

Gigi Hadid net worth: $45,000,000

7 Bo, Barack Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog

Suffice it to say that Bo Obama lived for quite some time in the White House. How’s that for a crazy rich pet, huh?

The Portuguese Water Dog was a gift to Obama from Edward Kennedy, and ever since, he has become quite the star of the family, along with their other dog, Sunny.

Barack Obama net worth: $40,000,000

8 Pippi, Jennifer Lawrence’s Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Jennifer Lawrence is another celebrity that takes their dog everywhere they go, and can you blame her? Pippi is an adorable little Jack Russell Terrier mix with a growing Twitter account.

And when I thought I couldn’t love their relationship any more than I do, it turns out Pippi intervened during a heated scene on the set of Red Sparrow, when it looked like his mommy was in danger. Awww!

Jennifer Lawrence net worth: $130,000,000

9 Kitty Purry, Katy Perry’s Cat

The fact that Katy Perry decided to name her cat Kitty Purry is like all of my puny dreams come true, and that’s just one of the reasons why I wanted to include them in this list.

Another reason is because the cat made a cameo in Katy’s “I Kissed a Girl” music video, and that’s something every cat mom dreams of for their little kit. Isn’t it?

Katy Perry’s net worth: $330,000,000

10 Elvis, Lucy Hale’s Maltipoo

Anyone who follows beauty Lucy Hale on Instagram (like I do), is familiar with Elvis, her charming, lovable pooch.

I don’t even know what’s cuter: his Instagram which shows the special relationship he has with his mommy, or that he’s her priority even pre-Emmy’s party. Either way, *swoon*.

Lucy Hale net worth: $6,000,000

Jealous Yet?

From pets that have inherited fortunes to pets with impressive trust funds, animals whose parents are rich celebrities that can spoil them, and others who’ve made their own fortune by being internet’s cutest, all the pooches, kittens, horses, pigs, monkeys, etc. above are crazy rich pets.

Do you know of any other pets that are richer than the regular human? Leave me a comment and let’s collectively feel sorry for ourselves because we’ll never be able to afford what these pets can.


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