Article written by Telma Garcia

I am a dog lover, foster, and rescuer. I GREW UP PICKING UP DOGS FROM THE STREETS IN EL PASO, Texas and finding loving homes for them. When I moved to San Antonio, Texas I was shocked at how bad the stray dog population was here and how dogs were not only homeless, but taken to the shelter and euthanized. I became a dog foster mom and quickly adopted my first three dogs: Brobee, Molly and Panini.

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3 thoughts on “10 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for an Allergy-Free Life

  • Thanks for mentioning that cats can be both fun and rewarding to live with and having a cat at home can provide you with companionship and a purpose. My wife and I are considering looking for hypoallergenic kittens for sale because we think that it’ll help our children learn responsibility and how to take care of an animal. I think it’s a good investment to shop from a reputable breeder that can provide us with the perfect feline for our family.

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