My Cats Test out the 9 Best Cat Chew Toys on the Market

Written by Andreea

Together with my two cats, Sherlock and Smokey, I review the 9 best cat chew toys on the market. As you will see in the pictures and videos below, my cats really enjoyed this little experiment.

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If the concept of cat chew toys is foreign to you, even if you’re a cat owner, you’re not alone. Before ordering these toys for my two cats, Sherlock and Smokey, I didn’t quite understand why cats needed chew toys.

Now I know that some of the best cat chew toys contain catnip to lure kittens, and they also work to improve a cat’s dental health.

Below is a detailed review of 9 of the best cat chew toys I could find online. I chose toys that can fit any budget, and I didn’t spend more than $100 on all of them.

The toys I ordered also have a variety of reviews and ratings, while still being high-quality. I chose a diverse range of best cat chew toys because I didn’t want to be swayed one way or the other just by reading the reviews I saw online – I wanted my cats to test them out for themselves.

Before we get to it, keep in mind that all cats are different, and I’m just reporting on what my two boys thought of these toys. Your cat might feel different about them.

9 Best Cat Chew Toys for a Happy, Healthy Cat


Kong Beaver Refillable Catnip Toy


  • High-quality craftsmanship
  • It being refillable is a great idea (you can buy catnip separately and fill it up)


  • Catnip isn’t very potent

This Kong refillable beaver is a small, fluffy plush toy that comes with a vial of catnip packaged separately, so you have to fill the toy yourself.

The open/close mechanism is very easy to use, and the catnip is in no danger of falling out while the cat plays with the toy. However, the toy was a bit of a fail for my cats, in that they didn’t seem that interested in it.

While the toy itself had every potential of being attractive to cats, the catnip didn’t seem to be working (and it won’t be the last time this happens in this review), which made me wonder if packaging it separately is the best way to go.

From what I’ve noticed, toys that claim to have catnip already in them are much more potent and actually attract kitties instantly, while toys that come with catnip separately don’t seem to get the job done as well.

Guessing I just got a bad batch or the catnip was a bit old and simply lost its potency, and that’s why my cats weren’t at all interested, I replaced it with some catnip I had at home, and the changes were visible.

Granted, there was something about this toy that didn’t scream “new favorite” for my cats, but that could also have to do with its shape and texture.




Petstages Dental Health Cat Chew Toys


  • The material is really nice for cleaning cats’ teeth
  • The dangling ends get the cat’s attention
  • They seem sturdy


  • The toys were a bit different than pictured (smaller, more compact)

The Petstages chew toys are made of strong netting and come with colorful streamers. They promise to clean your cat’s teeth and massage their gums. Unfortunately, my cats were not that keen on testing this toy at first.

The catnip effect (the toy is supposed to contain catnip) was lost on them, and they didn’t seem to know what they were supposed to do with it. Push it around? Sure. Maybe nibble on the dangling ends a bit? Of course. Actually chew on it? I think not, thank you very much.

I tried tempting them quite a few times, and the only time Smokey actually started chewing on it was when I was holding it in my hand. So I guess that means he’s an extremely spoiled cat who expects me to hold the toy for him while he chews on it.

Jokes aside, I persisted and tempted him with it a couple of times, until he figured out he can do it by himself as well, so I count this as a success.

As for Sherlock, he couldn’t care less, but this will be a recurring theme in this best cat chew toys review. All he wanted to do when I held the toy in front of him was headbutt it.




PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser


  • Interactive
  • Helps control weight
  • Makes cats work for their treats
  • Fits a variety of treats


  • Takes some getting used to if your cat has never played with such a toy

Your typical treat dispensing toy, this PetSafe ball helps improve digestion and encourage exercise. As I expected, this toy is going to take some getting used to.

I started by putting the treats in, which got the cats really excited and yowling because, of course, food, but then, when I placed it down and pushed it around, they didn’t seem to be that interested in it.

A few treats came out and my youngest ate them instantly, but then he didn’t push the ball around to get more.

My oldest was just watching from afar at this point, wondering what this is all about, but when I left the ball alone, he approached it and pushed it around a bit, before swiftly leaving again.

This tells me the toy has the potential of being very interesting to them (and also useful, especially for my youngest, since he has been getting a bit fat recently), but they need to get used to it first.




Refillable Catnip Fish


  • The design attracts the cat’s attention
  • The package comes with bonus products
  • The material is nice for chewing


  • The catnip is not very potent
  • It doesn’t come with a lot of extra catnip
  • The zipper is a bit difficult to handle

blurry dog

Sooo, what am I supposed to do with this thing?

These are three fish made of a plush fabric that you can put catnip into. I also got a pack of silver vines and two squeaky mice as a bonus, but from what I can see online, that’s not always the case.

The fish come with a small zipper that tends to get stuck sometimes, and that also makes it difficult to put the catnip in, but this is not a major inconvenience.

Again, the problem I had was with the catnip, just like it was with the refillable beaver, because not even Smokey, who falls for catnip everytime, showed that much of an interest. He did lick it and push it around a bit, but no more.

Considering how he behaved around the rest of the toys that had catnip already in them, as well as whenever I’ve given him catnip in the past, there was clearly something wrong with the catnip that came in this package.

So, I did the old switcheroo and replaced the catnip, which proved to be successful yet again. The takeaway: catnip that comes in a separate package might lose its properties by the time the toy gets to you.




FATCAT Finimals Toy, Lionfish


  • Great to cuddle with
  • The colors and the purple fuzz attract cats


  • Misleading description
  • Too large for cats
  • There’s a squeaker in it, but it’s even difficult for me to press, let alone a cat

blurry dog

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr

The thing about this toy is it’s most likely just a dog toy, even though on the Amazon UK website, it was labeled as both a dog and a cat toy.

The moment I saw it (it’s much larger than I expected), I realized my cats might not be into it at all.

However, I was wrong. Smokey seemed excited about it, although it may very well be because it sat amongst catnip toys and might have picked up their scent.

Nonetheless, he kind of sleeps next to it or on it, so I will keep it around so he can use it as a pillow.




Ruff ‘n’ Tumble Catnip Mice


  • Easy to capture a cat’s attention
  • Affordable
  • Gets the cat moving and encourages exercise


  • The catnip effect is not very noticeable

I’m not sure how much catnip is in these Ruff ‘n’ Tumble mice (I’m guessing not that much), but they don’t have the effect catnip usually has on my cats (especially on Smokey).

However, they are great as a toy to get their attention with and encourage them to move around, as you can see in the video.

My cats LOVE dangle toys, so me holding this mouse and swinging it around, while also pretending to throw it so they can chase after it, really excited them.

As I’m writing this, Smokey is still chasing the mouse all around the house and playing with it, so that says a lot. These fourth best cat chew toys are great fun.




Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick


  • Nice texture for cat’s teeth
  • The shape makes it easy to play with


  • Didn’t notice any fresh breath effect on my cats

blurry dog

After a while, Smokey really took to this toy

A small cat chew toy with sturdy netting and no extra fillers, this is a purchase I’m quite satisfied by.

Smokey seemed to really like this toy, probably because it had the same effect catnip has on him, so the packaging was right about that.

Still, the effect wasn’t as strong as it usually is with catnip.

Just like the Petstages dental health cat chew toys, this needed some persuading from my part as well.

After I held it in my hand for Smokey to test out a couple of times, he gathered the courage to do it by himself.

Of course, Sherlock just headbutted it as expected.




Yeowww! Catnip Toy, Yellow Banana


  • Very potent catnip
  • Fun shape and color
  • It has no extra fillers, just catnip


  • The cat punctured the material immediately

blurry dog

Smokey went crazy for this catnip banana toy

Smokey was immediately excited by this second best cat chew toy, the Yeowww! Banana, perfect for bunnykicking and nuzzling.

Still, since this is supposed to be a chew toy, I’m afraid it won’t last that long. I’ve noticed puncture marks on it immediately, and he only chewed on it for about 1-2 minutes.

If he keeps playing with it, I give it a week before he destroys it. Still, I don’t allow my cats to play with catnip toys that often and for a long time, so I don’t particularly mind that.

The effect it has on Smokey is more than enough for me to be completely sold on it.

Sherlock seemed to be more interested in the toy’s tag, which is quite large, than in the actual toy, but that’s not a surprise for me.

He did show some signs of interest, however, which is more than I can say for most of the toys in this review, so this toy gets a thumbs up from me.




Petstages Night Time Catnip Rolls


  • Great shape for nibbling on
  • Silent
  • Extremely entertaining for the cat
  • Potent catnip


  • The edges look a bit sharp, so keep an eye on your cat whenever they play with this to make sure they don’t get hurt

blurry dog

Chewing on this toy was an absolute pleasure for Smokey

Both of my cats LOVED these catnip rolls. They had the same effect as the silver vines, so they just went crazy for them.

This is a product I would 10/10 buy again, not just because they’re silent, affordable, and one of the best cat chew toys out there, but also because they seem to be great fun for my boys.

It’s quite clear that the catnip is fresh, unlike that of other toys I’ve tested out, which I appreciate, and their shape makes them extremely easy to play with.

However, I’m curious how long the effect of the catnip will last now that the sticks are out of their packaging, so I’m going to report back with any changes.




Testing out these 9 best cat chew toys with my two cats was extremely fun, and I got to learn more about what they enjoy and what they couldn’t care less about in the process. If you’ve also bought your cat one of these toys, and they reacted entirely different to it, let me know down below.


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