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Telma Garcia

I am a dog lover, foster, and rescuer. I grew up picking up dogs from the streets in El Paso, Texas and finding loving homes for them. When I moved to San Antonio, Texas I was shocked at how bad the stray dog population was here and how dogs were not only homeless, but taken to the shelter and euthanized. I became a dog foster mom and quickly adopted my first three dogs: Brobee, Molly and Panini. Brobee is a rambunctious Lab Corgi mix who thinks he’s a lap dog and just wants to be loved. He was the last pup of his litter and we just couldn’t say no to his sweet face. Panini, a terrier mix,  was rescued from the euthanasia list and was my first official foster here in San Antonio. Brobee and Panini became inseparable, so he became part of our family pretty quickly. Molly is a chihuahua mix and the queen bee around here. She was rescued from the euthanasia list too and came to us as a foster dog. She fit right into our pack and just never left. We like it that way.

As the growing stray population increased here and with no end in sight, in 2012, I co-founded a non-profit dog rescue in San Antonio, Texas, with a mission of saving dogs from the euthanasia list from the local animal control shelter. To date, I am proud to say our organization has saved over 500 dogs.

In 2018, our family rescued Moon Pie, a stray terrier mix girl picked up by animal control, who had been run over and had severe pelvic fractures. We fundraised to get her the surgery she needed done to fix her bones. She is a tough little cookie. Prognosis indicated she would most likely need a wheelchair. However, with some love, care, and physical therapy, she recovered quite nicely. She is now able to walk, run, jump and be her sweet self. We adopted her this year and has become a part of our family too.

My passion for dogs has led me to become a lifestyle influencer that focuses on writing about living life with a family: kids and pets included. I have been featured on local tv shows talking about our dog rescue and Parents Latina sharing how rescue and dog ownership are a huge part of my life. As a mom, dog rescuer, foster mom, and non-profit co-founder, I am able to write about my journey, share tips, and experiences about living life with dogs.


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